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Online Booking Portal for Recreation Room Temporarily Unavailable: Unfortunately, due to an issue with StarRez, our online booking portal for the Recreation Room is currently unavailable. We are working directly with our contacts at StarRez to try and resolve this issue as quickly as possible. | For more information, click here


University family housing Faculty University Family Housing offers a unique set of apartments on the St. George campus for new and visiting UofT faculty members. These apartments are all in subdivided, historic homes and therefore are all unique. If you’re interested in living with us and are eligible, apply early...

Charles Street Community

student family housing Charles Street Community about our community Charles Street The Charles Street Community consists of two high-rise buildings located on the north-east side of the St. George campus. Built in 1969, the buildings house approximately two thousand women, men, and children. There are several hundred children, and roughly...

Laundry Facilities at Charles Street West

Charles Street West Laundry Facilities Laundry Rooms Both 30 and 35 Charles St. W. have laundry rooms. Residents have access to only the laundry room in their respective building: At 30 Charles St. W., the laundry room is located on the 3rd floor, to the right of the elevators;At 35 Charles St....

Facilities Resources

charles street Facilities Resources

Booking Common Rooms at Charles Street West

Charles Street West Booking Common Rooms Booking Common Rooms at University Family Housing  We are excited to announce that you can now book the Recreation Room (located at 35 Charles St. West) online on StarRez! The Recreation room is a multipurpose space that includes a kitchenette and can be booked...

Garbage & Recycling at Charles Street West

Charles Street West Garbage & Recycling Disposing Of Items Small Garbage Garbage must be bagged, tied, and thrown down the chute located on each floor. You must ensure that your garbage goes down the chute by pushing it past the metal flap and that the metal door to the chute closes after...

Rent & Insurance

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Huron-Sussex Community

faculty, Student Families, & Long-Term tenants Huron-Sussex Community About Huron-Sussex The Huron-Sussex neighbourhood is a charming group of century homes owned by the University of Toronto and located on their St. George Campus. These historic homes have been converted into multiple apartments that house new faculty members, a small number...

Apartment & Building Safety Features at Charles Street West

Charles Street West Apartment & Building Safety Features Apartment Security  In any situation requiring immediate police, fire or ambulance response, please call 911. For any other security concern, such as trespassers, parking problems, vandalism, minor neighbour disputes, noise complaints, etc. Please call the Residence Office during regular office hours or...

Moving In & Your Lease

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