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Community Life at University Family Housing is made up of the Education & Communication Team and the Community & Recreation Team. Together they work alongside each other to enhance your residence life experience by creating an inclusive, supportive, and engaging residence environment.

Education & Communication Team

The Education & Communication Team is made up of one full-time Residence Life Coordinator, Education & Communication, and seven part-time Residence Advisors. The Communications Team offers you a number of valuable services including educational & social events, bulletin board communications, a way to get information/share concerns about living at University Family Housing, and support with any difficulties you may be experiencing in your life.

Residence Advisors

The Charles Street community is divided into seven communities, each with its own Residence Advisor, who is a resident of University Family Housing and a UofT student. Residence Advisors (RAs) are responsible for orienting new residents to the building, educating their communities on policies and available resources, running relevant programming and community building. Your RA can be reached at the emails listed below, and if desired, can set up a Zoom meeting at a mutually agreed upon time. If you have any questions about the RA program, please email the Residence Life Coordinator.

Set up a Zoom appointment and/or email your RA:

indigo community
30 CSW Floors 4-7

English & Turkish

red community
30 CSW Floors 8-11

English & Arabic

yellow community
30 CSW Floors 12-16

English & Bengali

purple community
30 CSW Floors 17-21

English & Persian

green community
35 CSW Floors 2-8

English & Arabic

orange community
35 CSW Floors 9-15

English & Swahili

blue community
35 CSW Floors 16-21

English, Kazakh, Russian, Chinese, & French

Community Life at


The Community Life Team creates programming and events for Charles Street Student Family Housing residents, but residents of Huron-Sussex are welcome to take part in our larger annual events.

Residents of Huron-Sussex often put on community parties and events for the neighbourhood and participate in the Community Garden.

Community & Recreation Team

The Community & Recreation Team is made up of two appointed staff members, the Residence Life Coordinator, Community & Recreation, and the Drop In Centre Supervisor, along with up to 20 work-study students. Together they bring residents a series of events, programs, and off-site trips. Some favourites have included the Maple Syrup Festival, a summer picnic at Cedar Park, strawberry picking in the spring and a visit to an apple orchard in the fall.

The Community & Recreation Team also manages the Free Store and Drop In Centre.

Events This Week

The Community Life team offers a variety of children and adult classes, workshops, and seminars during the year. The programs include yoga, arts and crafts programs, an amazing ‘free’ tutoring program, family and children movies, specialty one time programs, field trips, etc.

Week of Events

see you there!

Annual Events

Each year the Community Life team offers wonderful events for both our Charles Street and Huron-Sussex communities.


Late March, celebrate with us while your apartment lights are out. Games, prizes and snacks will keep you movin’ while the world conserves.

SPRING Rooftop

In early June, we celebrate the Spring with a party on our rooftop garden. In previous years, we’ve had planting, face painting, book exchanges, hop scotch & more! Of course there is always free food and drinks too!

Haunted House

October 31st means it’s time to have some frightful fun. Staff and volunteers are in costume. We also send out a post

FALL Rooftop

A final opportunity for families to come together on the Rooftop Garden to celebrate the fall season, sample treats and enjoy the garden before it closes for the winter.

Get Involved

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