Rates & Inclusions

Faculty Housing Rates

Housing leases are annual and run from August 1 to July 31.

Each apartment is priced individually depending on unit, size and amenities. Housing charges shown below are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change and to annual increases. Housing charges are not negotiable. 

In 2024, the average monthly Faculty housing charge will be:

TypeAverage Monthly Cost*
One bedroom unit$2,309
Two bedroom unit$2,789
Three bedroom unit$2,923
Four bedroom unit$2,911
Single family house$3,441

*The rates listed here are for Faculty Housing only. Student families looking for information on rates at Huron-Sussex should contact the Student Family Housing Admissions Office.

Housing Charge

What’s Included


  • All utilities (e.g. heat, air conditioning, water and electricity)
  • The use of the faculty only, communal laundry rooms or en-suite laundry (if applicable)

not included

  • Parking
  • Telephone, cable, internet service
  • Housekeeping service
  • Contents insurance

Telephone, cable, and internet services are arranged directly by you with one of the various local service providers. For Information on Insurance, please see our page on the topic.