University Family Housing

About Us

About UFH

University Family Housing at UofT (formerly Student Family Housing and Faculty & Residential Housing) offers apartments for student families and faculty in the heart of downtown Toronto. The majority of student families live in our buildings at 30 and 35 Charles Street West. These buildings feature a rooftop garden, recreation rooms, family drop-in centre, in-person and virtual activities and events for the whole family, underground parking, and an onsite childcare centre.

Our Huron-Sussex neighbourhood is a collection of apartments in historic homes at the west end of campus for new faculty and a small number of student families.   

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University Family Housing

The Team

Gloria Zangari Cuneo

Assistant Director
Apostolo Zeno

Building Operations Manager 
Michael Kaev

Assistant Manager, Building Operations and Services
Vithusan Ranjan

Junior Property Operations Coordinator
Brijesh Parekh

Faculty Housing Coordinator
Marian Belford

Business Officer
Penny Wilson

Community Standards Advisor
Erin Pettibone

Marketing and Communications Officer
Nikki Trinnear

Housing Life Coordinator
Song Limpanapongpan

Housing Life Coordinator
Aloka Mahadurage

Drop-In Centre Supervisor
Susan So

Manager, Admissions and Housing Services
Dana Burke

Housing Admissions Assistant
Amanda Couto

Housing Admissions Assistant
Michelle Thi Tran

Housing Admissions Assistant
Maria Javier

Isabelle Brull

Veronica Ramos Anzora

Melissa Kuril

Hurley Corporation – Cleaning Supervisor
America Vargas

our Story

How we became University Family Housing 

On July 26, 2021, it was officially announced the rebranding of Student Family Housing and Faculty and Residential Housing into the now University Family Housing. Although this merger was announced recently, the journey to get to this point started long ago.  

Beginning in 2017, the University of Toronto’s Student Family, and Faculty and Residential Housing departments embarked on an extensive consultation process with various stakeholders including staff, faculty, and community members from the Huron-Sussex and Charles Street communities. The intent was to hear directly from our tenants to create a vision and a plan that supports the future growth of stable and successful communities in these two locations. Some of the aspects that we heard through this consultative process included: 

  • The need to enhance the sense of community 
  • To provide additional supports for the entire family 
  • The need for increased access to housing and associated affordability.  

During these consultations at our Huron-Sussex and Charles Street communities, it was made very clear that while they differ in both demographics, scale, and types of housing offered, several shared goals unite them as well.  

Our Goals:

Goal 1

Promote collaboration and transparency between existing and future residents, the University and the broader Huron-Sussex community, including homeowners and non-University tenants.

goal 2

Support social interaction through an active public realm and shared outdoor spaces, promote community for students, faculty members, spouses, children and families of all types and sizes, and foster relationships between residents and the University.

goal 3

Provide student family housing to undergraduate and graduate students in a full-time degree program near or at the St. George Campus while demand exists and recognize the value of this housing to residents and the institution.

goal 4

Develop and maintain housing and occupancy types that support the University’s academic mission and strengthen a diverse community, by creating a balance between neighbourhood stabilization and intensification. Remain cognizant that needs of tenant groups will differ.

goal 5

Build housing that meets the needs of a variety of income groups and family types, maintain physical assets responsibly, and provide options for residents with challenges or individuals at risk. Seek balance in long- and short-term tenancies. 

Our Work

UFH Annual Report

Starting in 2022, UFH began releasing the University Family Housing Annual Report. This report acts as a retrospective of all the projects and initiatives that have been accomplished over the past fiscal year and how each project is connected to the shared goals set out for the department.