Charles Street

General Updates

Penalty for Illegally Parked Vehicles  

Residents are reminded that unauthorized vehicles in our parking garages will be tagged by Transportation Services at U of T and towed at the owner’s expense. This includes visitors to our buildings. Visitor parking is available in the underground garage at 35 Charles Street West. The resident must use a fob to enable the car to go in and out of the garage, the spaces are on the “C” level, and they use a Pay & Display system.  

Additionally for residents, please ensure the parking permit sticker provided by the Residence Office is clearly displayed on the driver’s side of the windshield. This sticker must be updated if you change cars. 

For more information on parking at Charles Street, please visit our website here. 

Laundry Room Rules and Etiquette Reminder  

This is a friendly reminder of the rules and etiquette we ask all residents to follow when using our communal laundry rooms at 30 and 35 Charles Street.  

  • If your load has finished its cycle and you are not there to move the clothes, other residents are entitled to remove your clothes to free up a machine. We recommend setting a timer so you know when to return to the laundry room to retrieve your clothes.   
  • Please do not use any kind of dye in the washing machines or wash floor mats or rugs. Pet bedding is also not allowed as the fur can clog and damage the machines.   
  • If your clothes have excess pet hair, please try to remove as much of it as you can before washing. Once your load has finished, please clean out the washing machine drum and door seal to remove any additional hair and debris left behind.   
  • We have pet-free and scent free machines available to accommodate residents with allergies or sensitivities. Please leave these machines for those who need them.   
  • Out of courtesy for your fellow residents, please clean up any spills you make.    

Please visit our website for additional information on the laundry rooms.