Garbage & Recycling

Property Management Staff will move the bins and boxes to the curb to be emptied, and back again.

  • Please put your bagged and sealed household waste and clean and rinsed recyclables in the appropriate designated bins and boxes outside your unit the day before the collection date in order for it to be ready for pickup.
  • Please make sure to firmly replace and lock lids on bins after use, and to refrain from leaving garbage on the ground to prevent visits by our local wildlife.

Waste Removal Schedule

Organic Waste (Green Bin)Garbage (Grey Bin) , Recycling (Blue Bin) & Yard Waste
Every Tuesday night (all streets except for Huron and Spadina)
Every Monday night for Huron and Spadina
Alternate Tuesday nights (all streets except for Huron and Spadina)
Alternate Monday nights for Huron and Spadina

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electronic waste

hazardous waste