Housing Lease Information


Your housing is offered through the University of Toronto Faculty Housing Co-operative Inc; the corporate vehicle established by the University, in order to enable it to limit this housing to eligible University of Toronto faculty members, and to finance renovations and capital improvement. The Co-operative leases properties in Huron-Sussex from the University, for which properties are then used to provide housing to members of the Co-operative.

Please note that an annual housing charge will apply with each annual housing renewal. Parking charges, with notice, are also subject to periodic increases.

Length of Stay

You have accepted your apartment unit on a limited-term basis for up to four years from your year of first appointment, and not from when you move in.

The limited term allows us to build up a revolving stock of housing for this purpose. You are not expected to commit for the full four-year term; in fact, the occupancy is scheduled on a year-to-year basis with the normal turnover date being July 31; however, we do hope that you will stay until the following July.

  • Please note that we do not extend stays in New Faculty Housing.
  • Transferring from one unit to another, for practical reasons, is not permitted.
  • Subletting is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • You are not eligible if you and/or your partner have previously stayed in Faculty Housing.

We require at least 90 days’ advance written notice (or payment in lieu of notice) if you choose to leave prior to July 31.

Any questions regarding the lease for faculty members living at Huron-Sussex can be directed to the Faculty Housing Office.

Student Family

Your lease is the legal contract between you (as resident) and the University (your landlord). As such, it gives both you and the University certain rights and certain obligations.

Signing Your Student family Housing Lease

All residents must accept their online lease and sign a hard copy of the lease, as well as N11 form and a Notice to Terminate Tenancy form, before moving into their apartment: both the resident and resident’s partner must be present to sign the lease.

A student’s eligibility documentation, i.e. student status, financial status, their marriage or common-law status, their partner/spouse’s visa status, and/or child verification, in addition to receiving the deposit, must be approved prior to signing the lease. 

Residents must submit their first and last month’s rent payment by certified cheque or money order before the apartment is confirmed for you. This is due when you accept the apartment offer. 

Any questions regarding the lease for student families living at Huron-Sussex can be directed to the Student Family Housing Admissions Office.