Pest Control

It is important that our tenants maintain a sensible degree of order and cleanliness in their units.

Our neighbourhood is located in a heavily populated and mixed use neighbourhood, and can, from time to time, be subjected to the infiltration by unwelcome guests. These include rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, possums, pigeons and insects.

Although we understand the concern and kindness shown by some tenants towards these creatures, especially in severe weather, we do ask that you refrain from encouraging them to linger, or move in with you. 


  • Securely store food in your units.
  • Correctly dispose of your garbage in our bins.
  • Do not leave food outside your unit for them to find (bird seed, peanuts, suet, bread etc).

When to Contact

Our Property Management Team and the Faculty Housing Office remain vigilant in their efforts to control and eradicate whenever possible, pests in our residences. If you should experience or suspect unwanted visitors to your unit, whether inside or out, please let us know at your earliest convenience. If you suspect an infestation of insects, please provide a description, and, if possible, an insect sample as this would be of great help to our Property Management Team in determining the best course of action.