Laundry Machines

Some units have ensuite laundry. For those that don’t have ensuite laundry, we have three, 24-hour, faculty-only (keyed entry), communal laundry rooms located in the neighbourhood. The use of these is included in your rent.

Included Appliances

In addition to refrigerators and stoves, many units also have dishwashers. Please do not add/alter or remove any appliances. If you are having usage issues with these, please advise our Property Management staff via Concierge Plus.

Heating and Cooling

All of our houses have thermostats that are set and monitored by our Property Management staff and according to City of Toronto seasonal standards. In addition, each unit is equipped with its own means of heating (radiator, baseboard or floor/wall vent) and air conditioning (central, ductless and/or, on occasion a window mounted unit).

It is imperative that you both know and understand how to make temperature adjustments within your own unit and our staff would be happy to review this with you. If you are unsure on how to proceed, or if you feel that your means of heating or cooling is not working properly, please ask.

When running your unit’s air conditioning system please do not leave your windows open. To do otherwise will overburden the system until it breaks down. If you wish to cool your unit, close the windows and shut your doors.

If you are going to be away for an extended period, please do not adjust or turn down your heat, as this may adversely affect your neighbours.

If you are unsure about how to operate or use something in your unit, please speak to our Building Management staff as they would be happy to assist. Tenants will be held financially responsible for any damages to University property.