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Charles Street West


Car Parking

Parking spaces are currently available to residents of both buildings in the underground garage beneath 35 CSW (the garage under 30 CSW is commercially operated and is not available to residents). A charge of $100 per month for each parking space will be added to your monthly rent. You are required to sign a parking agreement which indicates that you must give the Residence Office 60 days notice from the last day of the month if you would like to cancel your parking agreement. 

The parking spaces, as your lease states, are for roadworthy vehicles only, and must not be used for storage of any other materials (i.e., spare tires, tool kits, boats, etc. must be kept in your apartment or locker). Unauthorized vehicles and vehicles with expired license plates will be towed away. Motorcycles require an additional parking spot – you will not be permitted to park a motorcycle with your car. Parking charges will cease on the last day of the month in which you cancel, but only if you have returned your garage access key tag. Please park in your designated parking space. If your space is occupied, please contact the Residence Office at 416-978-8304. If it is after office hours please contact Security at 416-729-1592. 

Required Information to Obtain Parking

Valid driver’s license, vehicle ownership and vehicle insurance, all under the same tenant’s name, must be presented to the Residence Office at the time of your request.

Review the Parking Addendum.

Visitor Parking

Parking is available to visiting friends and family in the underground garage at 35 Charles Street West. The resident must use a fob to enable the car to go in and out of the garage, the spaces are on the “C” level, and they use a Pay & Display system.

Rates for Visitor Parking

Monday to Friday

6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

  • $3.00 for ½ hour
  • $12.00 maximum

monday to friday

4:00 PM – 6:00 AM

  • $7.00 flat rate

Weekends & Holidays

  • $7.00 flat rate to 8 AM the next day

Rates for U of T / Commercial Visitor Parking

U of T Faculty, Staff and Students

(Not a resident in our buildings but affiliated with the University)

  • $144.00 per month
  • $20.00 FOB deposit

Commercial Parking, no affiliation with the University

We offer commercial parking at 35 Charles Street West. Our rates are:

  • $185.00 per month
  • $20.00 FOB deposit

For more information, please call us at 416-978-8304, email the Residence Office, or visit us at 35 Charles St. W., Suite 102.