Charles Street

Bicycles and Bike Parking

Bicycles in Toronto

Persons under the age of 18 are required by law to wear a helmet, and it is recommended for all cyclists. It is also a good idea to avoid some of the busier streets, and particularly those with streetcar tracks, if you are not an experience city cyclist. 

Bicycles can be taken on the TTC during off-peak hours. Residents can also purchase second-hand bicycles through the newspaper classified sections, the lobby bulletin boards, and second-hand shops, or rent them on Toronto’s islands or at the Harbourfront Centre. 

The number of bikes stolen in Toronto currently exceeds that stolen in New York City (absolute number, not per capita), so make sure your bike is secure with a U-shaped lock when it is not in use.

Bike Parking

Indoor bicycle parking is available at 35 CSW. One bike storage space for reserved parking is located behind the Residence Office at the southwest end of the main floor at 35 Charles St. West, adjacent to the garage entrance. The second is located on the A level of the under-ground garage at 35 Charles Street West. This is unreserved bike parking accessed on a first-come, first-served basis, and is not for long-term storage. 

Residents who wish to use the reserved bike parking should go to the Residence Office to add their names to a list. Only those whose names are on the lease can request space in the bike parking enclosure, and they will have to provide photo identification. Please note that there is a limit of one bicycle rack per household, assigned on a first-come basis. 

Additional bike parking racks are located in the following locations: 

  1. Just outside of the main entrance to 35 Charles. 
  1. On the A-Level of the 35 Charles parking garage, adjacent to spots A-36 and A-129 

These racks are reserved for day-to-day users and are not intended for long term storage of your bicycle. Bikes found locked to these racks for extended periods of time will be tagged and removed from the property. 

Bikechain is a not-for-profit cycling organization based at UofT. They provided a great “fix it” station near the garage bike cage. In addition, they hold annual bike clinics and sell used bikes for students.