Charles Street

Charges for Damage, Replacement and Repair

The resident is responsible for maintenance or repair costs if they or anyone permitted on the premises causes damage either willfully or through neglect. Personal items such as curtains, mac tac paper in kitchen cabinets,  shelving units, and any other alterations must be removed prior to vacating. Storage lockers must be emptied, and no items may be left on the balcony or in the hallways or common areas. Failure to do so will result in removal charges being applied to your student account and, potentially, a hold on the account, which can impact your graduation request or ability to re-register.

Please note: all prices are subject to change.

Charges for Damage, Replacement AND Repair

Unreturned Apartment Medeco Metal Keys $225.50 
Unreturned Access Key Tags $15.00 each 
Broken Key $45.00 
Unreturned Laundry Card $20.00 
Apartment Door Closer /Front Door Damage Quote by Contractor 
Missing Closet Door Quote by Contractor 
Wall Graffiti & Wall Cleaning $20/ per room 
Painting Colors  (2 coats of primer required) $80/ per room 
Missing or Broken Organic Food Bin $20 each 
Item Removal Quote by Contractor
Glass Replacement Priced per size 
Screen Replacement Priced per size 
Missing Energy Saving Bulbs (upon final inspection) $5.00 each 
Missing Light Shade or Smoke Detector $10 each 
A/C Removal by Contractor (Please schedule work with office immediately) $51.70  *Price subject to possible increase.
A/C Installation by Contractor (Please schedule work with office immediately) $77.56  *Price subject to possible increase.
Hallway/Common Area Cleaning$40 and up

Cleaning Charges

ItemCleaning ChargeReplacement Cost
Kitchen Cupboards $50 Quote by contractor 
Kitchen Counters/Sink $30 Quote by contractor 
Kitchen Floor $80 Quote by contractor 
Corridor Floor $40 Quote by contractor 
Bathroom Floor $20 Quote by contractor 
Toilet & Sink $20 
Bathroom Vent $10 Quote by contractor 
Tub & Tub Surround $50
Medicine Cabinet $10 
Hardwood Floors $50/room Quote by contractor 
Garbage Removal $50 & Up 
Balcony Cleaning $40 & Up 
Locker Cleanout $50 & Up 
Heating Covers $30/room