Noise Complaints

Noise in Your Apartment

Due to the age and construction of our century houses, the sub floors between units are not solid concrete as is common in modern high-rise apartments and townhouse complexes.

Therefore, ambient noise can and does sometimes travel from one suite to another. With this in mind, is it is vital that you respect your neighbours and keep excessive noise and activity to a minimum, in particular during early morning and evening hours.

Since also many of our units have uncarpeted floors, some suggestions for a quieter, shared environment are to:

  • Remove shoes.
  • Apply felt pads to the feet of your furniture.
  • Refrain from prolonged use of loud appliances, or entertainment units, or undertake housekeeping chores, in the late hours.
  • Practice gentle use of doors.
  • Avoid running and excessive horseplay
  • Keep pet barking and other noise to a minimum.

Everyone is busy and everyone needs their sleep! Let’s be respectful and supportive of one another.

Noise in the Neighbourhood

The Huron Sussex neighbourhood, while on St. George campus, is also situated in Toronto’s busy downtown core and with that, you should expect the noise and activity levels to be in keeping with a large, urban downtown. The St. George campus is also presently in a state of transformation and there are, and will be, various construction and improvement projects taking place there in the foreseeable future. Members will be made aware by the Faculty Housing Office if such activity will or may directly affect them and the Huron Sussex neighbourhood as a whole.  

Reporting Noise Complaints

If, in the unlikely event, you experience excessive noise issues with your housing neighbours, kindly contact either the Faculty Housing Office or our Property Manager for follow-up.