Taking Care of Your Apartment


Please respect your neighbour’s right to privacy and a peaceful and healthy home environment. Clutter, unsanitary habits, and activities that go above and beyond that which is found in a normal home environment will not be tolerated.

Tenants are required to maintain their own units and the common areas shared with other tenants, in good and clean condition. Tenants who are noted to be consistently messy in the common areas will be billed for clean-up.

Decorating Your Apartment

All apartments are unfurnished. Flooring in the apartments range from wood to ceramic to linoleum to carpeted to laminated, or a combination thereof.


  • Please do not paint your units, or physically alter them in any way.
  • Please enquire before attaching heavy items to walls.
  • Please do not add/alter or remove any appliances. If you are having usage issues with these, please advise our Property Management staff via Concierge Plus.
  • Please refrain from letting your children draw, glue stickers or otherwise mark the walls/surfaces of your unit. It takes time and effort to clean this off and we do not want to have to pass the cost of doing so onto you.


Smoking, of any kind ( eg. cigarettes, cannabis, cigars, e-cigarettes (vapes), IQOS, pipes, shisha) is not allowed in the units or common areas, except as may be designated as a smoking area by the Co-operative.