Charles Street

Laundry Facilities

Laundry Rooms

Both 30 and 35 Charles St. W. have laundry rooms. Residents have access to laundry rooms in both buildings:

  • At 30 Charles St. W., the laundry room is located on the 3rd floor, to the right of the elevators;
  • At 35 Charles St. W., the laundry room is located on the 2nd floor, to the left of the elevators.

You’ll need your FOB to open the laundry room doors.

Hours of Operation

The laundry rooms are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Laundry Room Etiquette

In each laundry room there are specific machines reserved for pet-free and perfume-free laundry.

Please wipe out the machine you have used to remove anything that may have fallen out of pockets, and to get rid of pet hair that may be left behind.

Moving clothes

If your load has finished its cycle and you are not there to move the clothes, other residents are entitled to remove your clothes to free up a machine.

Set a Timer

Set a timer so you know when to return to the laundry room to retrieve your clothes as soon as they are done.

laundry facilities

Clean MAchines

Once your load has finished, please clean out the washing machine drum and door seal to remove any additional debris (e.g., pet hair) left behind.

Pet & Scent-Free Machines

Leave pet-free and scent free machines for residents with allergies or sensitivities.

Clean Spills

Out of courtesy for your fellow residents, clean up any spills you make.


Laundry rooms are equipped with Maytag front and top-load washers and dryers.

Using The Machines

  • Never use more soap than indicated or add soap to the bleach and/or fabric softener compartment. Doing so will shut down the machine with an error code.
  • Do not overload or wash floor mats, rugs or pet bedding in the machines, as it may result in flooding.
  • Do not use any kind of dye in the washing machines

Payment System

The machines operate on a laundry card system. One laundry card is given to each unit – no fee or deposit is required. Additional and/or replacement laundry cards are available for purchase for $20.00, which is non-refundable even if a lost card is found at a later date

Please treat your laundry card like cash. If it’s lost, not only have you lost the card, but you will also lose the remaining value on it.

Icon showing cash

Reloading Your Laundry Card

  • Each laundry room is equipped with a Reload Centre to load money onto your card, which accepts $5, $10 and $20 bills.
  • The maximum amount that your card can store is $50.00.
  • Make sure you do not remove your laundry card until the transaction is complete.  
  • When you insert your laundry card into the washer and dryer, the display will show you the value available.
Credit card outline with yellow abstract shape behind it

Returning Your Laundry Card

  • When moving out of Charles Street, your laundry card must be returned to the Residence Office or a $20.00 charge per card will be applied to your student account.
  • Please be aware of the amount of money left on your card when returning it, the Residence Office can only refund a minimal amount of money from your laundry card.


The laundry rates are as follows:

Speed Queen

  • Hot water wash – $2.60
  • Warm water wash – $2.35
  • Cold water wash – $2.10
  • Additional wash time (8 minutes) – $0.25
  • Dry Cycle (30 minutes) – $1.30
  • Additional dry time (10 minutes) – $0.40

LG Oversize Washer

  • Hot water wash – $3.90
  • Cold/warm water wash – $3.65
  • Delicate wash (shorter cycle) – $3.40

Broken Machines

If you notice that a washer/dryer is out of service or find lost laundry cards, please report it to the Residence Office.

Residents are asked to also use the signs we have provided to identify a machine needing repair to others.