June 20, 2023 | Charles Street Maintenance and Operations Updates

Updated Schedule: Exterior Window Cleaning 

We have been informed that the contracted company, PrimeTech Building Services, is ahead of schedule on the annual exterior window cleaning project for 2023. They have provided the following dates for when window cleaning will take place: 

Monday June 19th – Friday June 23rd (approximately)  
Between the hours of: 9:00am – 6:00pm daily 

30 Charles Street West will be serviced on June 19 – June 22 

35 Charles Street West will be serviced on June 21 – June 23 

This work will be done from the exterior of the building, using a bosun chair (harnessed chair suspended by ropes). The workers will not be accessing your balcony to clean windows. The balcony door and bedroom windows that are accessible from balconies, are the resident’s responsibility to clean. 

Please be advised that completion of this project on schedule is entirely weather permitting. Heavy winds or rain will cause delays which may affect the start and/or completion dates of this work. Revised notices will be posted in the event this occurs. 

***Please be prepared for workers to be visible on the exterior of the building during the project. Please take any precautions to maintain your privacy for the duration of the work*** 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation 

Building Operations