Charles Street

Maintenance and Operations Updates

Recreation Room Rules and Regulations Reminder 

Operations staff recently found damage to the paint in the Recreation Room due to decorations that were taped and pinned to the walls and ceiling. We kindly ask then when residents are using community spaces like the Recreation Room, that they take care to leave the room in the condition that it was found in and to follow all rules and conditions to using the space. As a reminder, residents agree to the following conditions when booking the Recreation Room: 

  • All materials, such as decorations, must be secured only to the designated blue tack board – no taping, tacking, stringing, stapling balloons, streamers etc. anywhere else!  
  • Any and all garbage or damage caused to the facilities by anyone attending the function will be the sole responsibility of the applicant. All events must end at the designated end time of the booking in order to allow for clean-up. 

For more information on the terms of using the Recreation Room and how to book the space, visit our website here.