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The University of Toronto expects that students register each academic year with a solid financial plan in place and have sufficient resources to support their studies for the duration of the academic year. This includes resources to make rent payments on-time.

Rent is due on the 1st day of each month during your tenancy. We are unable to accommodate late payment schedules . The University does not subsidize this residence – the rent residents pay covers ongoing building maintenance and expenses, so rent must be paid promptly. There is also no daily or weekly rate available.

Once moved in, residents can pay by personal cheque, bank draft, money order, Pre-Authorized Debit and now by Canadian debit card in the Residence Office.

Repeated late payment of rent after the first of the month may result in eviction and will cause anyone interested in transferring to be refused.

What Rent Includes

  • Heat
  • Hot water
  • Electricity
  • Fridge and stove

Rental Rates

UnitRental Rate
Studio – Refreshed$1,152
Studio – Upgraded$1,391
Studio – Premium Upgraded (Bathroom & Kitchen Renovated)$1,691
One Bedroom – Refreshed$1,377
One Bedroom – Upgraded$1,616
One Bedroom – Premium Upgraded (Bathroom & Kitchen Renovated)$1,916
Large One Bedroom A – Refreshed$1,446
Large One Bedroom A – Upgraded$1,685
Large One Bedroom A – Premium Upgraded (Bathroom & Kitchen Renovated)$1,985
Large One Bedroom B – Refreshed$1,395
Large One Bedroom B – Upgraded$1,633
Large One Bedroom B – Premium Upgraded (Bathroom & Kitchen Renovated)$1,933
Large One Bedroom C – Refreshed$1,474
Large One Bedroom C – Upgraded$1,713
Large One Bedroom C – Premium Upgraded (Bathroom & Kitchen Renovated)$2,013
Two Bedroom – Refreshed$1,751
Two Bedroom – Upgraded$1,988
Two Bedroom – Premium Upgraded (Bathroom & Kitchen Renovated)$2,289

Rent Increases

The rent at Charles Street Student Family Housing is subject to a rent increase for all units on September 1st of each year, the amount of which is given to residents three months prior to the increase taking effect. Note that tenants are required to add this rental increase amount to your last months’ rent deposit by submitting a cheque to the Residence Office in September when the rent increase occurs. This ensures that the rent deposit on file is the correct amount to be used for your last month of tenancy once you give notice to vacate.

Tenants are required to sign an annual N11 form once they have provided documentation of their full-time status for continued eligibility.

Note: Rent at the Huron-Sussex Student Family Housing is likewise subject to an annual rent increase once every 12 months. Residents will be notified three months in advance of the increase date with the details of the amount.

First and Last Month’s Rent Payment

First and last month’s rent must be paid by certified cheque or money order. Personal cheques are not accepted for this initial deposit.Any and all service charges by your bank and/or the University for processing bank drafts, certified cheques and money orders will be your responsibility to pay as the incoming tenant.

Wiring funds is not recommended as the service charges can be considerable and it may result in delayed confirmation of funds, which could impact move in dates.
Once you pay first and last month’s rent, you have committed to take the apartment, so please be certain you like the apartment beforehand.

International Students

Sending money from abroad?

Note that if you send foreign funds, the interest rate may fluctuate by the time that money is deposited into our Canadian account. For example, it could mean that the value of your $987 USD certified cheque may drop in value by the time we receive it, and you would have to pay additional funds. 

financial difficulty

Financial Assistance

For those student families experiencing financial difficulty, please go to U of T’s Financial Aid website or to your registrar’s office to speak to someone about the possibility of receiving financial assistance in the form of a loan, bursary or scholarship.

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