Charles Street

Accessing the Buildings

Building Intercom System 

The intercom system at both Charles St. West can be connected to any cell phone or land line number; please provide this number to the residence office for connection. Being connected to the buzzer system is necessary to receive deliveries and allow guests to enter the building.

The directory lists names alphabetically by first name and visitors can reach a tenant by using one of the following methods:

  • Press “List” and scroll up and down the tenant directory.
    • Note: you may hold the up and down arrows to browse the directory faster.
  • Directly entering the tenant’s ID code (if known)
  • Press “Find” and enter the first letter of the tenant’s name.
    • Note: Pressing a key once will display the tenant names beginning with one of the key’s letters. Pressing a second key will sort the resulting list according the names’ second letter ,and so on.

Tenants can grant access to the building to a visitor by pressing the number 9 on their phone keypad. Tenants are also able to deny access to a visitor by pressing *. This will end the call and advise the visitor that access has been denied.

30 Charles St. West users must step towards the automatic sliding doors, once access has been granted for the doors to open.

Visitors and delivery companies must use the Intercom System to gain access to the building. Security will not grant access otherwise. Residents are responsible for making these arrangements.

Lose your keys or locked out?

If you lose your keys or are locked out of your apartment, please go down to the Residence Office, or if it is after hours, contact Security at 416-729-1592. You will be asked to produce photo I.D. to prove you are the resident of the apartment that you require keys for.

There will be a $225.50 cost for a new high security key to be cut if you lose a key because for security purposes, the whole lock will have to be replaced, as well as the key itself. If you break or bend your key and bring in the pieces, you will be charged $45 to have a new key cut.