Charles Street

Community Life Updates

Trick or Treating at Charles and Other Halloween Resources 

For those who would like to hand out candy to trick or treaters, we ask that you tie a ribbon to your door handle to indicate this. Ribbons are available for pick up at the booth located in the lobby of 35 Charles. On Halloween, please secure pets before answering the door. Any edible treats you hand out must be commercially wrapped. Homemade treats are not permitted. Avoid allergens and choking hazards, including nuts, hard candy, and chewing gum. Additionally, consider giving treats other than candy, like stickers or erasers. Those who wish to go trick or treating are asked to only go to apartments that have ribbons tied on their door handles as not everyone celebrates Halloween for religious, cultural, or other reasons.  

We have also put together several resources and safety tips for Halloween. You can read this information on our website or on the posters that are posted throughout both buildings. 

Post Your Pumpkin Contest – Win a $50 Gift Card! 

Enter to win a $50 President’s Choice gift card! 

How to enter:  

  1. Carve, paint, or decorate your pumpkin.  
  1. Display it in your unit or on your balcony -remember, just like other household items (e.g., mats, boots, and strollers), no pumpkins should be left in the halls! 
  1. Snap a picture and post it to Instagram and tag @uoftfamilyhousing 
  1. All submissions will be entered to win a $50 President’s Choice gift card.  
  1. Once Halloween is over bring your pumpkin to the UFH Pumpkin Parade on Nov 1st to display and then dispose of it. 

UFH Haunted Halloween Event  

October 28th, 2023 | 6:30pm – 8:30pm | 3rd floor of 30 Charles Street West   

Join us for UFH’s annual Halloween celebrations! There will be a guided ‘spooky’ tour of a Haunted House (appropriate for all ages), a witches’ reading corner, trick or treat giveaways, and more! These activities will take place in the Activity Room, Drop-in Centre, and Meeting Room on the 3rd floor of 30 Charles Street. No registration required and all are welcome!   

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in their favourite costumes! 

UFH’s First Annual Pumpkin Parade! 

Wednesday, November 1st | 6:00pm – 7:00pm | 30 Charles St W, Rooftop Garden 

Bring your carved or decorated Halloween pumpkins, to the Rooftop Garden at 6:00pm to be lined up for the community to enjoy. 

Don’t have a pumpkin? Take a stroll through the garden and take in the display! 

Green bin disposal will be provided for pumpkins after the event to create compost for city parks and gardens! All pumpkins not removed at 7:00pm will be removed to be composted. 

Family Care Office: Student Caregivers Connect Study Hub 

Log into Zoom every Thursday morning from 9:30am to 12pm to study or write with an accountability group of other student caregivers and parents like you.