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Charles Street West

Moving In

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Have you accepted an apartment at Charles Street West Student Family Housing Residence? You now need to plan your move! Here is everything you need to know leading up to your move in day.

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Plan your move

Submit Documents

You need to submit all the required documentation outlined in the apartment offer letter for eligibility approval.

Pay the

Once approved, you must submit your first and last month’s rental deposit as a certified cheque, money order, bank draft, or wired funds within 48 hours. Otherwise, the apartment offer will be withdrawn.

Confirm Move in Date

Moving in is typically scheduled for the first of the month.


The elevator schedule is limited, so call the Residence Office as soon as possible to improve your chances of getting the elevator when you want it. If you don’t book it, you cannot move!

Pick Up Your Keys

Keys can be picked up at the Residence Office at 35 Charles Street West on your move-in day by appointment only.

Photo I.D. is required in order to receive your keys. 

* If your move in date is a Saturday or Sunday, or after business hours, please contact the Admissions Office to determine what your key pick up date will be. 

Requesting an Early Move in Date

Should you require a move in date prior to the first of the month, please send an email to Residence Office and provide us with your name, the building and unit you have accepted, and the desired move in date.

Your request will be reviewed and then you will be advised if it is approved. The cost for an early move in before the first of the month is prorated at the daily rate based on the size of the unit and the month. The additional rent will be calculated by the Residence Office and it is payable by cheque to the University of Toronto before the move in date.

If you have any questions about early move ins, please contact us.

No Storage of Moving Crates or Other Packages

Make sure you and/or movers arrive with your moving truck, ready to unload your belongings. We cannot accept and store moving crates or other packages/objects. We do not have space or facilities to accommodate this type of request.

how to

Book Your Elevator

The elevator schedule is limited, so call the Residence Office as soon as possible to improve your chances of getting the elevator when you want it. This is crucial to being able to move in on the desired date since the elevators are subject to high demand, especially during the busy summer months. If you don’t book it, you cannot move!

  • Call or email the Residence Office at 416-978-8304 or
  • 2-hour limit: The Residence office will only book the elevator for two hours per apartment, due to the large number of residents moving in and out each month. 
  • Hours Elevators are available: between 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  • Please be on time: The elevators are booked back-to-back all day long. Please try to make your moving process as rapid as possible. If someone has the elevator booked after you and you are an hour late, you will only have one hour to use the elevator! 
  • Placing the elevator “on service”: When the time that you have booked the elevator has arrived, please go to the Security booth to have the elevator put “on service”. This means that an elevator will be for your use only during the two hours that you have reserved it. If you are moving in after 5 pm or on a weekend, please contact maintenance or Security to put the elevator on service. 

Parking While Moving In

When moving your personal belongings, there are parking restrictions around both buildings. Limited access to 35 Charles Street West is available, however, there is none for 30 Charles Street West.

Charles Street West, from Yonge Street to Balmuto Street, operates one-way westbound. Parking is prohibited at any time on the south side of Charles Street West from Yonge Street to Bay Street, and on the north side of Charles Street in the section from Yonge Street to Balmuto Street from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Parking, where allowed in that section is permitted to a maximum of one hour from 6:00 pm to 8:00 am. Parking is also prohibited at anytime on the east side of Balmuto Street, directly adjacent to 30 Charles St. W. If a vehicle is left unattended, and accordingly appears to be illegally parked, it is subject to tagging and/or towing. 

If you’re moving into 30 Charles Street West, do the following:

  • Leave a friend or worker in the vehicle who can move it at a moment’s notice should the Parking Enforcement Police arrive. 
  • Leave a note in the windshield of the vehicle explaining that you are in the process of moving and will be moving shortly, e.g. “Moving in or out of Apt #—, 30 Charles St. W.” 
  • The University of Toronto will not pay any parking tickets incurred during your move-in/out.