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Move-In Standards

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Move-In Inspection

You will be given a “Move-in Inspection” sheet when you move into your apartment. Please complete this form and return it to the Residence Office, with your comments and requests for work to be completed, should there be anything outstanding. It is also important to make note of any minor cosmetic damage that is already present when you move in.

Please be advised that you are expected to take possession of and pay rent for your unit on your unit’s available date, even if there are outstanding repairs that the Residence Office must complete after this date.

Move In Inspection Checklist

Please refer to the following standards for the condition of your apartment at the time you take possession as a guideline when completing your ‘move-in inspection’ sheet. The following work should have occurred:

  • All necessary repairs to plaster, paint, flooring, drapery tracks, and cupboards completed.
    • Please keep in mind that the buildings are old and so plaster quality is unfortunately not ideal.
  • Light bulbs and fuses installed.
  • Smoke detector inspected.
  • Rubbish and debris removed from the unit.
  • All doors, electrical and plumbing fixtures in working order
  • Basic level unit cleaning
    •  Many new residents will choose to clean further upon taking possession
  • Unit treated for pests.
  • Integrated stops installed on windows which allow adults to bypass the child safety stops each time the window is opened, and then reset on closing.

Academic Penalty for Damages to Premises and Outstanding Financial Obligations

As part of your lease agreement, all incoming residents are required to sign a form entitled “Academic Penalty for Damages to Premises and Outstanding Financial Obligations” authorizing the University of Toronto to withhold transcripts, registration, or impose other sanctions in accordance with the policy on academic sanctions for financial obligations, if there is damage, neglect, or if there are outstanding financial obligations for rent, cost of repairs for damage done to the property, or other monies owing of any kind or for any reason during your tenancy.

This form was signed when you completed your Lease. At that time, you were advised to complete the Move-In Inspection Report and to retain a copy of this report for your records.