Maintenance and Operations Updates

Refrain from Feeding Wildlife 

In order to keep our neighbourhood a clean and safe place to live for residents and the local wildlife we ask that residents refrain from feeding animals in the area. Please:  

  • Correctly dispose of your garbage in our bins.   
  • Do not leave food outside your unit for animals to find (bird seed, peanuts, suet, bread etc.)  
  • If you notice any animals attempting to make a home somewhere in, or on, your house (e.g., gnawing their way into a wall or front porch), please alert our Property Management Staff.

Safety and Security 

As safe as our downtown neighbourhood is, we do ask that you remain vigilant concerning your personal safety and the security of your personal belongings. If you are planning on being away from your apartment for an extended period of time, please let UFH staff know. Additionally, please: 

  • Ensure your windows and doors are secure and be mindful of the locking mechanism. 
  • If you leave personal items outside, please make sure they are securely locked and in well-lit areas visible to you.  If possible, please store these inside your own unit. 
  • Lock your car doors and avoid leaving valuables inside your car. 
  • Notify the Property Management Team If you notice any exterior still or motion lights are no longer working. 

For additional information and tips on staying safe, please visit our website here:

Keeping Vestibules Clear 

Other than a temporary package delivery, it is imperative that residents keep the common vestibules of their houses (front entrance) clear of personal items such as shoes, strollers, bicycles, clothing, toys, etc.  Leaving items in the vestibules creates tripping hazards, blocks the entrance in the event of an emergency, and can even become a fire hazard if items are left on or near the radiators. For information on additional storage, please contact our Property Management staff.  

Heating and Cooling 

All UFH houses in Huron-Sussex have thermostats that are set and monitored by our Property Management staff and according to City of Toronto seasonal standards in addition to each unit being equipped with its own means of heating and air conditioning. 

As temperatures begin to warm over the coming months and you need to run your air conditioning system, do not leave your windows open. To do otherwise will overburden the system until it breaks down. If you wish to cool your unit, close the windows and shut your doors. If you feel that your means of heating or cooling is not working properly, please ask.