Charles Street

Pet Policy

Residents in Ontario have the right to keep pets, but the laws governing this include exceptions and conditions. Visit the City of Toronto’s Pets in the City page, to learn more about your responsibilities as a pet owner.

Responsible Pet Ownership at UFH

Residents are responsible for any damage caused by their pet.

Pets are not permitted to relieve themselves in public areas of the building or on the balconies of units. Dogs must be taken outside; the use of pee pads and artificial grass porch potties for dogs are strictly prohibited.

Toronto has stoop and scoop bylaws; if you fail to clean up behind your pet you may be billed by Management or fined by the City. Residents are responsible for proper disposal of kitty litter and other pet droppings by double bagging and securely tying the bag and dropping it down the garbage chute. Our plumbing infrastructure cannot support flushable kitty litter.

Pet owners are responsible for their pets’ actions. If a pet is noisy or behaves aggressively, the owner must find a solution to avoid interfering with the reasonable enjoyment of the other residents.

Apart from off-leash dog parks, Dogs must be always kept on a leash in public; this includes the buildings’ common areas such as hallways, elevators, lobbies etc. Please be mindful of neighbors who are afraid of or allergic to dogs by keeping them on a short leash. Dogs are prohibited on all public playgrounds, including the playground at UFH.

Cats and other pets (e.g., rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.) must be crated in public areas and never allowed in the halls unattended. 


UFH’s Pet Policy Rules and Reminders

At University Family Housing we understand that pets are part of the family. Both our Charles Street and Huron-Sussex communities are pet friendly, but there are a few rules and responsibilities our residents need to follow to make sure their pets and neighbours are happy! 💙🐾

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