Charles St. West

Maintenance and Operations Updates

Upcoming Toronto Hydro Planned Power Interruption at 35 Charles 

We have been informed by Toronto Hydro that the second planned power shutdown for 35 Charles will be on Thursday, September 29th from 11:00pm until 7:00am on Friday September 30th, 2022 (approximately). This is emergency work that Toronto Hydro is undertaking to ensure continued service.

Emergency power will be used once the main power source is shut down for the building, however this will be limited to just one operational elevator and some emergency lighting throughout the buildings. Domestic water supply equipment and any HVAC systems (kitchen and bathroom exhaust, corridor make-up air) will also all be shut down.

We understand that notice of a power shut down is never welcome news. We are closely monitoring the situation as this scheduled work is subject to change with little to no notice, as has been our experience in the past, for which we will do our best to communicate updates via our website.

We recommend filling bottles, containers, and pots with water before the shutdown, but to help accommodate our residents, the following provisions have also been made:

  • Laundry facilities and public washrooms on the 3rd floor at 30 Charles will be made available for use.
  • Four units with kitchens and washrooms will be made available at 30 Charles for cooking, eating, bathing, etc. on a first-come, first-served basis. Please speak to security located at 35 Charles for access. All units will be thoroughly cleaned between uses; kindly limit your time to one hour so that other residents can also make use of these spaces. You will need to bring your own soap and towels.
  • The Meeting Room and Activity Room located on the 3rd floor of 30 Charles will be open and tables, chairs, a microwave, and water dispenser will be placed in the meeting room for residents to use, along with the free Wi-Fi that is available.
  • Shower facilities in the Athletic Centre at 55 Harbord St. will also be made available for families and children, on September 30th, 2022 from 7am to 11pm. You will be required to show proof of address such as a driver’s license or T card and will need to bring your own towels and a lock. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

This shut down will also affect the building’s FOB system and garage doors. To accommodate this, the garage doors will be opened and powered off prior to the shutdown to allow tenants entry and exit. Additional security will be brought in to keep these areas secure, conduct an hourly fire watch and a security guard will manage lobby access.

Linked here are the details on the shutdown from Toronto Hydro that we were provided with. Please visit for timely updates throughout the day of the shutdown.

If you have a physical requirement that may be impacted by this overnight power outage, please send a message to Apostolo Zeno at If you have any questions or concerns, please email our Operations team at or reach out directly to Michael Kaev, Assistant Manager, Building Operations & Services, at

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. 

Heating System Startup 2022 

Please be advised that Building Operations staff, along with the University of Toronto Building Engineers are closely monitoring weather forecasts to determine when the heating systems in both buildings will be turned on for the upcoming heating season. Long-term weather forecasts over the next 2 weeks indicate that the heating systems can remain off, and the buildings can retain enough heat to satisfy the temperature threshold of 21 degrees Celsius. If there are any weather changes that result in a drop in outdoor temperatures, the heating systems will be turned on immediately. This may happen at any point throughout the day. When the systems are turned on, residents will be notified as soon as possible. 

Important Information Regarding the Heating Systems

The building heating systems are centrally operated, meaning they adjust to outdoor temperatures. As the outdoor temperature falls, the heating system will operate at a higher output to adjust for the temperature change; and vice versa.

We remind our residents to check/confirm that all windows and balcony doors are closed and secured properly to eliminate cold air from entering the apartments. If you have a window Air Conditioning unit (A/C unit) installed, it is strongly recommended that the A/C unit be sealed on all sides to prevent cold air from entering during the winter months. This is especially critical underneath the A/C unit. Placing a towel underneath the A/C unit, above the windowsill, will help prevent cold air from entering your apartment. You can use a plastic bag and tape to cover and seal around the A/C unit. If there is an ‘operable’ vent on your A/C unit, make sure the vent is closed before covering your A/C unit.

If you have difficulties stopping cold air from entering your apartment from around the A/C unit or if you have any other concerns regarding the heat output in the unit, please contact Building Maintenance, who will be able to assist.

If your apartment is too cold (under 21 degrees Celsius), please contact the Residence Office as soon as possible to have a Maintenance Technician inspect the heating system.

Unfortunately, Operations staff are unable to adjust the heating system to satisfy personal preferences. If you find that your unit is too warm for your liking, please allow time for the central system to adjust to changing outdoor temperatures and/or make arrangements to cool the space by using a fan or opening a window.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.