Maintenance and Operations Updates

Property Management Reminders for Fall

Now that the days are getting shorter and cooler, it is important to remember that:

  • When operating your windows, you must unlock the latches on top of the windows first, before opening and closing them. Please do not force the windows open. If you are hesitant about how the locks operate, please contact our Property Management staff on Concierge Plus.
  • Outdoor and lobby (vestibule) lights should be left on at night. This is a security measure and also helps discourage animals from building nests on our property.
  • Heating and thermostat issues, as well as general maintenance requests can be reported to the Property management staff on Concierge Plus.

Please discourage wildlife from lingering or attempting to find a winter home in your house by not leaving out food for them and by properly disposing of your organic waste in the correct receptacle. If you notice that your unit has become attractive to our local wildlife, please advise our Property Management as soon as possible.

Submit Maintenance Requests on Concierge Plus 

As a reminder, Concierge Plus is the online portal for submitting requests for maintenance and repairs. To log in, type in your email address and the password “samuel”, then go to the “Service Request” page. Please allow the property manager a reasonable amount of time to assess the request, prioritize, and address the problem.  If you require assistance using Concierge Plus, please contact the Faculty Housing office on

For emergency maintenance and repairs, such as: 

  • Floods (other than those a resident can stop) 
  • Loss of electrical power 
  • Loss of heat 
  • Loss of hot water 

You can reach our Property Management Team by calling (647) 294-5741. 

UFH’s Pet Policy at Huron-Sussex

Pets, in reasonable numbers, are welcome in our community.

Pet owners need to ensure that their pets do not disturb neighbours with noise or aggressive behaviour.

A reminder to our pet owners to keep your pets leashed, or tethered, and in your full control, while in the common areas of our community. This includes hallways, vestibules, and fenced/enclosed backyards and where more than one family shares the space. Please choose other options for your pet outside of these areas when nature calls or when it is time for exercise and socialization with other pets. For more information on our pet policy please visit our website here:

Safety and Security 

As safe as our downtown neighbourhood is, we do ask that you remain vigilant concerning your personal safety and the security of your personal belongings. If you are planning on being away from your apartment for an extended period of time, please let UFH staff know. Additionally, please: 

  • Ensure your windows and doors are secure and be mindful of the locking mechanism. 
  • If you leave personal items outside, please make sure they are securely locked and in well-lit areas visible to you. If possible, please store these inside your own unit. 
  • Lock your car doors and avoid leaving valuables inside your car. 
  • Notify the Property Management Team If you notice any exterior still or motion lights are no longer working. [MB1] 
  • Refrain from leaving your unit and/or exterior doors open and unlocked for extended periods of time as this could encourage unwelcome attention in the form of unauthorized entry by both humans and animals.
  • If expecting a delivery, try to be home to intercept it; if not, ask a neighbour if they are able to bring it inside into the vestibule.
  • Know who your neighbours are and if contractors/workers are currently allowed on the premises for a specific reason, sanctioned by our Property Management staff. When in doubt – ask UFH staff first for clarification. Any unusual or questionable activity in the neighbourhood, or with your unit, should be immediately reported to the Property Manager. If you see criminal activity in progress, please also call:
    • Campus Safety Special Constable Service:
      • Emergency: 416-978-2222
      • Non-emergency: 416-978-2323
    • 911
  • It is highly recommended that you take out content insurance for your unit as the University does not have a provision to cover this.

For additional information and tips on staying safe, please visit our website here:

Keep Vestibules and Common Areas Clear

As always, please keep your vestibules and common hallways free of clutter and household items as it is both important and a legal requirement that egress is maintained, in particular, when more than one tenant shares the space. A means of egress is an unobstructed path to leave buildings, structures, and spaces and is comprised of exit access, exit, and exit discharge.  If you have large seasonal items that you would like stored, kindly contact our Property Management staff for further information.