Charles Street West

General Updates

Leave Requests and Eligibility at Student Family Housing 

The Admissions Office has received several inquiries regarding eligibility for Student Family Housing if the student resident takes a leave of absence during their studies. Since Charles Street is a residence for student families at UofT, our eligibility requires there be a student in the family who is actively enrolled from September – April each year. If the student decides to withdraw or take a personal leave from studies, they will have to give 2 months’ notice to vacate from residence. For more information on eligibility for student families living at UFH, visit our website. 

Amazon Deliveries Being Left in the Lobby 

Recently, our security guards have informed us that Amazon delivery drivers are refusing to deliver packages door-to-door and instead are leaving multiple packages in the lobbies of the buildings, despite security informing them that they cannot do this. We understand that this is frustrating for our residents, and we are continuing to monitor the situation and inform delivery drivers that they need to take packages to the apartment door. We have also submitted a formal complaint with an Amazon customer service representative for shipping and delivery support. We encourage residents who have been affected by this to submit a report of their own directly to the contact listed below:  
Phone number: 844 370 7615 

Proper Disposal of Garbage and Recycling 

We have been receiving reports from cleaning staff that large amounts of garbage are being thrown away in designated recycling bins and vice versa in both 30 and 35 Charles. We ask that residents be mindful of separating their garbage and recycling and disposing of it in the correct bins. Adding garbage into recycling bins can make it difficult or impossible for the recyclable materials to be processed properly. If you are unsure about what should go in recycling vs. garbage, there is information posted on the Education and Communication boards in both lobbies, and the City of Toronto has a tool that can help you make this distinction.