Charles Street

Maintenance and Operations Updates

Elevator Safety Reminder 

While elevators are extremely safe and reliable, riders can be injured when distracted or rushing towards closing doors. Residents are asked to be mindful when using the elevators and to avoid unsafe behaviours, including: 

  • Charging or running through closing doors 
  • Using hands or legs to stop a closing door 
  • Not paying attention to children while on and around elevators 
  • Overloading elevators with bags and parcels 

Laundry Room Rules and Etiquette Reminder  

This is a friendly reminder of the rules and etiquette we ask all residents to follow when using our communal laundry rooms at 30 and 35 Charles Street.  

  • If your load has finished its cycle and you are not there to move the clothes, other residents are entitled to remove your clothes to free up a machine. Please do not remove someone’s clothes from a machine before the cycle is complete. 
  • Please do not use any kind of dye in the washing machines or wash floor mats or rugs. Pet bedding is also not allowed. 
  • Please try to remove as much pet hair from clothing as possible before washing. Once your load has finished, please clean out the washing machine drum and door seal to remove any additional hair and debris left behind.   
  • We have pet-free and scent free machines available to accommodate residents with allergies or sensitivities. Please leave these machines for those who need them.   
  • Out of courtesy for your fellow residents, please clean up any spills.    

Please visit our website for additional information on the laundry rooms.   

Prohibited Plumbing Alterations at UFH  

Residents are reminded that making plumbing alterations to their apartment units, such as changing fixtures like shower heads and kitchen faucets or installing bidets, is strictly forbidden at University Family Housing.   

Alterations such as this can create serious plumbing problems and have led to floods in the building. Tenants will be held financially responsible for any damages caused by alterations of this nature.  

As stated in your lease agreement:  

The Resident must not make any alterations…. or alter equipment or install fixtures therein without first obtaining the written consent of the Landlord.   

Plumbing alterations can lead to serious consequences for other residents in your building, which is why University Family Housing does not allow for such changes. If you are interested in understanding the types of changes you can make to your apartment unit, please visit our website. 

Keeping Drains Clear and Avoiding Plumbing Damages 

Plumbing contractors have identified food waste and cooking grease/oil as the causes of repeated blocked drains in the buildings. A blocked or clogged kitchen drain line can cause water and other items in the water to back up into the apartment kitchen sinks and leading to flooding. 

We kindly ask that residents not put any food waste or cooking grease/oil down their kitchen sink drains. Food waste can now be put into the organic kitchen catchers that have been distributed throughout the buildings. Grease and oil should be put into a re-sealable metal or plastic container and disposed of with other household garbage, down the garbage chute. 

Garbage Chutes Closed for Cleaning 

Please be advised that the garbage chutes in both 30 and 35 Charles will be closed for cleaning on Thursday, May 23, 2024 from 6:00 am – 6:00 pm. 

Closing the garbage chutes is necessary to protect the safety of the technicians working and prevent debris from falling on them. 

Thank you for your co-operation as this work is completed.