Charles Street West

Key and Door Security

The University is prohibited from giving subcontractors a master key to the building. In case of an emergency, only the Property Manager and the Fire Department have access to a master key. All public area locks, including those on the entrances to the buildings and the parking garage, consist of a key FOB access system. Each key FOB has a unique access code that will be cancelled when residents move out. However, as security experts agree, no lock is burglar-proof, so it still pays to take precautions. There is a significant charge to replace lost or stolen access key FOBs. 

Door-to-Door Sales People

People delivering advertising leaflets and door-to-door sales people are prohibited from entering the building and this is indicated on signs posted in the lobbies of both buildings. This policy was established to prevent potential thieves from posing as delivery or salespeople, and because flyers stuck in a mail slot indicate that no one is at home. If you see someone in the building delivering flyers or soliciting door-to-door, ask them to leave and if they refuse, call Security (416-729-1592), or Campus Safety (416-978-2323). 

Even though our buildings are relatively safe, personal property left unattended in the public areas of the building is sometimes stolen. This includes laundry and laundry carts or baskets in the laundry rooms, furniture left in the hallways or the lobby during moving, and baby strollers and bicycles left in hallways outside the apartment doors. It is wise not to leave any of your belongings unattended in public areas. This may also be a fire hazard. It is prohibited to leave any items in corridors (ie. Strollers, shoes, mats, etc.), as it not only attracts theft, but is a fire code violation and interferes with accessibility.