Charles Street

Maintenance and Operations Updates

Upcoming Unit Renovations at Charles Street 

When families move out of Charles Street, the empty unit is renovated to either refresh it (paint, floors refinished, repairs) or upgrade it (kitchen renovation, in addition to what is done in a refresh). In order to keep residents aware of when renovations of this nature will be taking place on their floors, moving forward, we will be providing a monthly update on the affected floors in our newsletter. The floors with units under renovation may hear noisy work from 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday. 

For the month of January, the following floors will have units under renovation: 

30 Charles 35 Charles 
17th Floor
15th Floor 
14th Floor
11th Floor 
10th Floor 
8th Floor 
7th Floor 
6th Floor 
17th Floor 
15th Floor 
12th Floor