Charles Street

General Updates

Reminder to Submit Notice to Vacate 60 Days Before Move-Out Date 

Residents are reminded that if they have finished their degree or are simply planning to move out of University Family Housing, they are required to submit their Notice to Vacate 60 days before the last day of the month they will be moving out on.  

We are unable to accept Notices to Vacate after the deadline, so you are legally and financially obligated to pay rent to cover the full-time period following submitting notice.  

Upcoming deadlines to give 2 months’ notice by are as follows:  

  • Submit notice December 31, 2023, to move out February 29, 2024 
  • Submit notice January 31, 2023, to move out March 31, 2024 
  • Submit notice February 29, 2023, to move out April 30, 2024 

Visit our website for more information on moving out of UFH. 

UFH Offices Holiday Closure 

Please be advised that our offices will be closed for the Holidays on December 21, 2023 – January 2, 2024, inclusive. Residence and Admissions office staff will be available to answer inquiries on Wednesday, December 27, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm by phone, email, or in-person. Security will be available throughout the duration of the closure. 

Campus Safety Availability Over the Holiday Closure 

Campus Safety Special Constable Service remains open 24/7 during the University closure December 21st – January 2nd. They can be reached at:  

  • Non-Urgent: 416-278-2323 
  • Urgent: 216-278-2222.  

Residents may also download the free Campus Safety App on the App Store, or Google Play, which includes: 

  •  Live chat with Campus Safety 
  • TravelSafer: Request an officer to escort them to and from any location on University property. 
  • Mobile Bluelight: Sends app user’s on-campus location to Campus Safety in case of a crisis.