April 6, 2023 | Charles Street Major Project Updates

Charles Street Elevator Modernization: Updated Timeline and Project Features 

In this communication we will provide updated information on the following areas regarding the Charles Street elevator modernization project: 

  • Updated Project Schedule 
  • Elevator Features to be Implemented   
  • Wait Times and Scheduling   
  • Community Ambassador Job Opportunity   
  • New Webpage for Regular Project Updates 

Updated Project Schedule 

We have received an updated construction schedule from Direct Elevator, the company who will be conducting the elevator modernization project. In our last update on this project, the approximate start date for 35 Charles was March, but understanding the added stress our community experiences during exam season, we asked to have the start date pushed to after April. They will now begin at 35 Charles in the first week of May. 

To conduct this work, one elevator will be taken out of service at a time, and it is expected that it will take 10-12 weeks to modernize each elevator. As a result, the building will only have 2 operating elevators during this modernization period. Once an elevator is modernized and 100% complete, they will start work on another elevator.  

Work in 30 Charles will only begin once the elevator modernization is complete at 35 Charles, which we expect to be approximately January of 2024, based on the schedule Direct Elevator has provided. 

Elevator Features to be Implemented  

We understand that having one of our elevators out of service for a prolonged period is not welcoming news, but these repairs and upgrades are necessary as major components of the existing elevators are nearing the end of their lifecycle. We want to proactively improve the reliability and performance of this crucial equipment, and introduce modern features including: 

  • New cabin interiors, including new lighting, fans, and flooring 
  • New digital display screens in each elevator to communicate building events and maintenance alerts 
  • New LED button stations in each elevator and hall call buttons 
  • New controllers, motors, hoist ropes, door rollers, door operators, and travel cables 

Wait Times and Scheduling  

With one elevator unavailable for the foreseeable future, residents are advised to expect longer wait times. There may also be times when the service elevator is booked temporarily, leaving only one elevator available. The busiest periods for our elevators are 7:00am – 9:00am and 4:00pm – 6:00 pm and we will not be allowing anyone to book the service elevator during these times to allow for two elevators to be available to assist with traffic levels. Whenever possible, we advise residents to allocate additional time when leaving or returning to the building, avoid busy travel times, and if able to, use the stairs. 

Community Ambassador Job Opportunity  

We are also in the process of hiring several casual employees as Community Ambassadors to assist during this project. Working 12-15 hours per week, Ambassadors would be responsible for greeting residents in the lobby, answering questions regarding the elevator modernization, managing crowds, and assisting with navigating the stairwells. We will be providing more information in the coming days on how to apply to become a Community Ambassador, so stay tuned!  

New Webpage for Regular Project Updates 

To provide residents with regular updates on construction schedules and any other details that will have an impact on residents, we will be creating a dedicated page on our website for this project, which will be launched shortly.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding as this necessary work is completed. Should you have any questions, please reach out to operationscharles.ufh@utoronto.ca.