Charles St West

General Updates

Reminder That Residents Need 60 Days’ Notice to Vacate 

Have you completed your degree? Or are you thinking of moving?  

Please remember that you are no longer eligible to live in residence at University Family Housing if you are not registered and enrolled in a full-time degree at University of Toronto. Contact the Admissions Office at or 416-978-8049 if you have questions about eligibility. 

Submit your 60 days’ Notice to Vacate by the last day of the month to move out at the Residence Office, suite 102 in 35 Charles St West  or by email at We are not able to accept short notice. 

Upcoming deadlines to give 2 months’ notice by:  

  • August 31 to move October 31, 2022  
  • September 30 to move by November 30, 2022 
  • October 31 to move by December 31, 2022.