charles st. west

Maintenance & Operations Updates

35 Charles – 2nd Floor Terrace ‘Clean-Up’ 

Please be advised that on Monday June 20th, staff from our landscaping and grounds contractor, Mr. Mow it All, will be on-site to begin working on cleaning up the 2nd floor terrace at 35 Charles. 

To facilitate this project, a temporary construction fence will be erected in the breezeway podium, on the north side of 35 Charles, next to the former Dental Office commercial unit. A truck will be backed into this fenced off area to allow for items to be disposed directly into it from 2nd floor terrace. We anticipate this project being completed by Friday June 24th.  

The pedestrian walkway will remain open during this time; however, the temporary fencing will remain up until project completion. Furthermore, the disposal truck will be making multiple trips to and from the work location. Security staff will take post in the work area to ensure safe pedestrian passage while the project is on-going. 

Residents who have north facing units, above the terrace should be prepared to see workers in this area daily, from 8:00am – 5:00pm. 2nd floor residents should take precautions to maintain their privacy during the work hours. No noisy work (power tool usage) will take place before 9:00am and after 5:00pm. 

We ask that all residents be mindful of the work taking place above while using the pedestrian walkway, and to please advise children to avoid playing in podium area until the project is completed. 

Flooding Balconies 

This is a reminder to residents to please be mindful that using water when cleaning balconies can negatively affect those living below them. Please do not hose off your balconies for an extended period as we have had reports of residents causing floods on lower balconies. This can cause damage to residents’ personal property and the buildings. Residents will be held responsible for any damage they cause.