June 17, 2022

730 Yonge Retail and Residential Improvements Update 11 – Exterior Cladding Work

Over the next few weeks work on the exterior of the building continues and is nearing its completion expected on July 8th.

Currently work has been focused on Charles and Balmuto St area. Here, three main activities are taking place; the building of a soffit to accept new panels along the canopy next to the parking ramp; the installation of a panel system (with supports); and tile work.

The new soffit along the canopy is currently the noisiest activity on the construction site. Noisy work is to take place only between 9:00am and 12:00pm; we acknowledge this has not been happening and we are working with the contractor to fix this problem. As track is installed into the soffit, anchors must be drilled through the metal stud, and into the concrete structure above, and has been generating significant noise. The elevated work platform to complete this activity is parked in the second bay of the plaza and is expected to be in that spot until June 24th, blocking pedestrian foot traffic in this area.

Workers will be using the old Captain Printworks store as a staging area for materials and will occasionally lay down tile around the stairs leading up to the podium roof. This area will be temporarily taped off as required. However, a clear pathway will always be maintained running east/west from the residence entrance to Balmuto St, and north/south to Charles Street to allow for tenant egress to both streets.

The installation of the support structure for the fibre reinforced panels is well underway along Charles St returning up through the plaza. This structure requires mechanical fastening to secure it to the building and will have period periods of noise as part of this process. The last step will be to clip the panel on the structure which generates no noise. To reach the area, the workers are using scissor lifts to access the soffit. The work crews will tape off small sections of areas where work will take place above, to try to minimize the disruption they will have on pedestrians nearby.

Please note, the pedestrian ramp to the east of the Dry Cleaners will occasionally be blocked during the installation by the scissor lift to access the area above. The crew will work with pedestrians with special needs to provide access as required. This obstruction will only take place for a short duration while the structure and panel is secured above and will not be continuous during this period.

The exterior vertical tile work has been completed along the Yonge and Charles, elevations, and is currently working its way along Balmuto street. It is expected to be complete by June 24th and is considered quiet work.

Further updates will be provided as the work progresses.

Should any questions or concerns arise you are welcome to contact the project manager for the University at john.rand@utoronto.ca. If immediate assistance is required to attend to an emergency, the University Campus Police can be contacted at 416-978-2222.