July 18, 2022

730 Yonge Retail and Residential Improvements Update 12 – Exterior Cladding Work

Dear University Family Housing residents of 30 & 35 Charles Street West,

This is a quick update regarding the construction happening in and around the main residential entrance. Over the next few days, some new activities will begin as part of the construction.

Beginning Tuesday July 19th, painting will begin under the canopy area adjacent to the residential entrance.  Walkways for pedestrians will be maintained, so access to Charles and Balmuto streets will remain.  Please take note of any wet paint signs.

Starting on Wednesday July 20th, tile work will begin around the main entrance door to the residence.  The work is expected to take only a few hours and will be quiet work.  A worker will be positioned in the lobby to control pedestrian traffic through the doors.  The doors will remain open, but pedestrians may need to wait a very short time while workers stop work as people come and go.

Lastly, a metal stair enclosure will be erected around the steps at the corner of Balmuto and Charles.  This work may have some noisy periods as anchors are installed in the structure.

Panel work along the perimeter continues and is expected to be completed in a few weeks.

Should any questions or concerns arise you are welcome to contact the project manager for the University at john.rand@utoronto.ca.  If immediate assistance is required to attend to an emergency, the University Campus Police can be contacted at 416-978-2222.