january 14, 2022

730 Yonge Retail and Residential Improvements Update 7 – Loading Dock Construction

Construction activities in the north west corner of the building continue. Masonry work in and around the garbage/loading dock will be completed this week. Beginning next week (starting January 17, 2022) concrete repairs and the application of a traffic topping to the floor in the loading dock will commence. During this time, there will still be access to the garbage bins in the area, but they will need to be shifted to accommodate the work.

Beginning January 17th, the loading dock will be configured like this:

The work will consist of infilling concrete into trenches on the floor, skim coating the floor, and finally applying a traffic topping to the area to create a resilient surface.  These construction activities will generate low noise.

The following week (January 24th to 28th) this area will be flipped, and the process will be repeated on the north side.

The contractor will work with the operations staff to maintain access to the bins so tenants should see minimal impact to the day-to-day utilization of this area.

Over the next 2-4 weeks, construction inside the building will continue with mainly drywall and mechanical work taking place. Typically, most of this construction work are low noise activities.  However, there will be occasional louder banging noises as track is shot into the concrete slab.  These shots are only periodic and will take place between 9am and 12pm.

Along Yonge Street, the contractor will be installing a new glazed aluminum storefront in the far north retail unit.  Typically, this is quieter work, with the exception for drilling fasteners into the concrete, which again will not be a continuous noise.

Updates will continue to be posted throughout the building and messaged to the Residence team and the Tenant’s Association Executive for distribution. Electronic updates will be communicated via email and on our website as well.

If you have any questions or concerns about the building, please email us at operationscharles.ufh@utoronto.ca. For any additional concerns, please contact Apostolo Zeno, Assistant Director of University Family Housing at apostolo.zeno@utoronto.ca.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we make these necessary improvements to our facilities.