Residents Organization

Since 1968, the Huron-Sussex Organization (HSRO) has been active in the Huron-Sussex neighbourhood that is located in the northwest quandrant of the St. George Campus. The HSRO works with other local residents’ organizations, the University of Toronto, and our city and provincial governments on community planning and tenant support.  

Most buildings in Huron-Sussex were originally developed in the 1880s and many are now owned by the University of Toronto; fourteen houses are privately owned. Residents of Huron-Sussex, most of whom rent, are a mix of long-term residents (many of whom have lived here for over 40 years), new or guest faculty and student families. 

Huron-Sussex Community Garden

The community garden located at Huron Street and Glen Morris Street is an excellent example of a community driven initiative that is lead by the HSRO, providing opportunity for community members to gather, grow vegetables/flowers and enjoy space in the neighbourhood. 

In 2014, the University of Toronto and the HSRO worked together to develop the Huron Sussex Neighbourhood Planning Study that builds on the Huron Sussex Working Group Report (2011) to set forth directions for the evolution of the neighbourhood that responds equally to the University’s needs for residential and academic space, community residential needs and other interests. The study serves to guide the design, location and appropriate mix of future development, including residential, commercial and open space, in the Huron Sussex neighbourhood. The University of Toronto and the Huron Sussex neighbourhood are committed to the Huron Sussex Neighbourhood Planning Study.